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The Magic of Real Estate

The Art of Finding, Negotiating and Financing Your Next Opportunities
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07:00a – 08:00a
Registration & Networking

08:00a – 08:10a

08:15a – 08:30a
Business Federation of Los Angeles: Legislation of Interest to Multifamily Investors –
Tracy Hernandez, Danielle Peretz

08:35a – 08:45a
Westside Update: What’s Happening in Beverly Hills – Valerie Fitzgerald

08:50a – 09:15a
Successful Decision Making, Keynote – Dave Meltzer

09:20a – 09:35a
Real Estate Lending: Preparing for the Next Downturn – Glenn Sonnenberg

09:40a – 09:55a
How a Major University Views Their Real Estate Holdings: UCLA Health Systems – Ellen Haddigan-Durgun, Drew Weil

09:55a – 10:10a

10:10a – 10:15a
Cultivating the TAO in Business and Life – Dr. Gabrielle Bodow

10:20a –10:35a
Millennials: The Next Big Disruption in Real Estate Investing – Giovanni Lentini, William Schumann

10:40a –11:00a
Adapt or Lose – Barry Johnson, Christine Lu

11:05a – 11:20a
Life Settlements – Victor Paz, Ben Stock

11:25a – 11:35a Supplemental Retirement Income – Mark Quann

11:40a – 12:00p What You Need to Know About Self Directed Investments and Real Estate – Bryan Ellis, Carole Ellis

12:05p – 12:20p
How to Evaluate Opportunity Zone Projects – Fred Hameetman

12:20p – 1:40p Networking, Lunch & Keynote – Michael Fabiano

1:40p – 1:55p
For Profit, For Impact, For Investment: Gambling with Distressed Properties – Robert Ruth

2:00p – 2:15p
Long View: Where Are Developers Looking Ten Years Out? – Craig Lawson

2:20p – 2:30p
Market Value in Adaptive Reuse Projects – David Rosenthal

2:35p – 2:40p
HUD Loans as a Hedge to Rising Rates – Samuel K. Freshman

2:45p – 3:00p
Safety Concerns for Real Estate Owners Related to Shootings and Terrorism – Dr. Erroll Southers

3:05p – 3:20p
Security and Real Estate – Jason King, Ian McFarland

3:20p – 3:35p

3:40p – 3:55p
What You Need to Know About Changing your State Residency and What You Can Save – Stephen Turanchik

4:00p – 4:10p
Getting More from Your Bank – Sunny Han-Jeon

4:15p – 4:40p
Where are Interest Rates Going & What is the Real Cost to the Bottom Line? – Michael Cohen, Samuel K. Freshman

4:45p – 4:50p
How Does Panda Restaurant Group Determine When to Buy and When to Lease Their Locations? – David Landsberg

4:55p – 5:10p
How to Find and Close Tenants · Where Are the Opportunities to Invest? – Chad Hagle

5:15p – 5:30p
Closing Remarks


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